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for well-being & better lifestyle

“ iThai Natural " is a brand for home spa and skincare products, which was inspired by a team of pharmacists that detect the benefits of Thai herbs, and their important substances that are also advantage to the skin, and also helps improving well-being and daily lifestyle. Starting from research, based on pharmacological and pharmacognosy knowledge, our team has used important components from Thai herbs and innovatively formulate into several skin care range of products.


In 2015, Aithai Corporation Limited was incorporated in order to communicate Thai wisdom and Thai culture to the world to well understand "Sensing the Thainess, Innovation from Nature ”.  The company has introduced Aroma Hand Cream product range under the iThai Natural brand, which is one of the most popular products, and the bestselling items from our brand.

iThai Natural has well selected several natural oils such as organic cold pressed coconut oil from Surat Thani, premium Thai rice bran oil, and also Centella extract (Centella asiatica) to help restore moisture, protect the skin and reduce free radicals that causes skin aging.  We carefully select special aroma for users to feel the charm of Thainess, such as fresh jasmine scent, “Dok Mok” flower scent and lemongrass aroma.

In addition, iThai Natural Oriental Aroma Body Gel (or Herbal Ball 4.0) is an innovative massage gel to help to reduce symptoms from the office syndrome.  Recently, the company also introduced a set of hair and scalp care products. The company is meticulous in choosing simple packaging, considering it’s convenient and user friendly, but still remain its lifestyle design.  iThai Natural products has pushed for consumer’s confidence through several tests and studies to ensure product’s stability, irritation and satisfaction.  We also cooperates with several government entities such as Thailand Center of Excellence in Life and Sciences (TCELS), the Nanotec center (NANOTEC) and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP).

Aithai Corporation Limited is empowering the nature with science for well-being and better lifestyle.

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Core Value
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Wellbeing & Lifestyle

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