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SLEEP EASE AROMA SPRAY was developed to help those who struggle with sleep by utilizing the principles of aromatherapy. The aroma spray contains 100% natural essential oil of pure lavender and a few other essential oils related to emotional calming as its primary component to induce relaxation and establish an ideal sleep environment, owing to the presence of linalool.

To make the most of "Sleep Ease," simply spray it on your pillows for 10-15 seconds before going to bed. It is equally useful when applied to dolls or pillows while watching TV to create a peaceful ambiance or to refresh the air while working.


"Sleep Ease" comes in a small 10ml bottle that is highly portable, making it easy to carry and use while on-the-go.

Direction of Use

Spray 1-2 puff on pillows, any fabrics, fabric toys;

Leave for 2-5 seconds and enjoy the aroma of the 100% essential oil

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